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it looks like so much fun!!!!

Laura Murton

How fun! Keep it going till Lucy is old enough, please.....! Can't wait to see you and my "present" I'll be there in 8 days so no need to mail :)

Laura Murton

Also, I meant to add that Eva's dress is darling. Mom made a dress in the same style but it was for the fourth of July - it was mostly blue with red and white - smocking.


Yeah!!! ... to your coming to Pittsburgh!
I hope to do at least one camp, if not two each summer. It is a blast!

patty perry

I remember Mom teaching me how to embroider and knit. I wasn't as good on the sewing machine - it takes alot of patience! Embroidery was my favorite - one of the first things I made were little Egg Cozies for grandma and grandpa Schwoeff since they loved to have soft boiled eggs in the morning (three little triangles sewn together and decorated). I also use to sew all of my own Halloween costumes and lots of clothes when I got older (9th and 10th grade) and even made a few dresses for you girls! Good for you for bringing back the art of hand made things!


oh how exciting!

Ava is a spitting image of Phil! Crazy! so pretty!

I bet the girls are having a blast at sewing camp! You know i would've been there 15 years ago!


Thank you for including my girls to "help"! They had a blast! I am sure all those little girls will NEVER forget their Sew Much Fun week! You are an AMAZING woman!!


Wish I lived closer because I would be one of your campers! You are teaching a lost art. I remember my Aunt Jennie who was a wonderful tailor she could make anything. I wish I would have been more determined when she tried to teach me, but I was young and not really interested in learning. If we could turn back the hands of time so many things I would learn, so many things I would enjoy.......
It was a long week and I am just going to enjoy my 3 day weekend hope you do the same.....looking forward to your next blog

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