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I think that these questions are just a better way to be prepared, whether it is for the near future, the far future, or the absolutely unimaginable future! I also think that those questions keep focus on the "mundane" day to day. There is so much to do each and every day, it is easy to let a day slip by without thinking of others or being positive. I"m not as good at "springing ahead," but I sure am good at "falling behind!!!" :)


Thanks for commenting K. I think you're much more on the ball than I ever was at your age!

Carol Hyrcza

I think that eventhough you weren't with Dan physically when he died, that the spiritual help was so awesome that he received that he was ok. At that moment, who do you really want??? Your earthly mother or your heavenly mother??

You have made a huge difference in my life and so many others too-- all for the good. You have been more than a friend, more like a sister. I love you!!!

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