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no truer words were spoken I am so excited for you!!!!! This little miracle will bring so much love to an already loving family I will think healthy pink also always

mary beth

Hey there, Carolyn. What fabulous creations. Man, I could never even imagine doing these. Love the Red Coat ornaments. Just everything. Thanks for teaching Kel how to knit. You give my children things I can't. Very grateful! I am amazed.


Lucy is going to spend a loooot of time playing on that quilt! Lucky you were right!

Kelly Pittner

I am so excited about the arrival of a new little one! The quilt is beautiful and perfect for a little girl! I'm glad you were right and I hope that Anna, Dan and I get to meet her once she arrives since we live relatively close to Em- Anna will be able to tell her all about life as a military baby!

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