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judith oliver

You are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm hoping to come into Pittsburgh in Aug 2010. I'ld lilke to get together for lunch I'll call you when my plans are deffinet.
Your Friend,
love you, judi

mary beth

Hey, Care. Thinking lots and lots about you as this week is here--again. I read your "Where Am I" thoughts and I absolutely feel your absence and I understand but still miss you. Your projects are incredible and I thank God you passed on your knitting skills to Kel. She has her own Etsy site! How about that! Rest assured, I will never have one. Not one of my gifts. But I am listening to your voice in that I need to slow down and enjoy the minutes our Lord gives me. May the God who created all that is good, bless you and Jack and the kids this week with a peace that passes all understanding. love, mare

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